Top 18 Venture Capital Firms in Dallas, TX

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Top 18 Venture Capital Firms in Dallas, TX

Nowadays technology and innovation drive most of every country's economy. As time passes by, these inventions and tech discoveries keep on existing and becoming more evident. Innovations are unstoppable and carry a powerful grip on each country's future. What's even good is that many of these tech-enabled companies are mostly being backup by multiple numbers of venture capitals located in different parts of the world. The venture capital industry acts as the world's fuel to economic growth. We cannot deny the fact that capitals from the investment fund firms indeed play a crucial role in levelling up the stages of the innovation life cycle.

If you are looking for the right venture capital to help you and your business grow effectively and become more productive to reach its fullest potential in the market, you may consider listing these venture capitals in Dallas. They will surely boost your company’s growth and credibility.

Top 18 Venture Capital Firms in Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas is composed of many startups and emerging companies working under many industry sectors. Throughout time, these companies may continue to evolve and emerge and so do venture capital firms. Dallas has enough VCs that are always ready to back up local companies with financial support and other services to help them accelerate their growth and eventually turn into transformational companies in the market.

Comerica Incorporated

Comerica Incorporated is a venture capital and private equity firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas offering funds and services to various companies in the region.  The VC firm also has retail banking operations in Texas, Arizona, California, Michigan, and Florida, with selected business operations in some areas in the U.S. states, including Canada and Mexico. They are interested in backing up Technology & Life Sciences companies that offer wealth management services. Comerica also operates through different segments such as Business Bank, Retail Bank, Wealth Management, and Finance.

Their team comprises committed and promising specialists and entrepreneurs who know how to handle challenges that every business founder faces in daily business operations. They also have developed a strong bond with leading investors in the industry who are also interested in funding startups and emerging life sciences and tech-focused companies.


REVTECH is an accelerator and an investment fund company based in Dallas, Texas but their investments span across the globe. The VC firm is interested in early-stage companies and individual entrepreneurs operating in the retail technology industry, particularly in tech and product innovation for restaurants, retail, and hospitality. Aside from early-stage, they also provide seed and small-stage venture investment. Since their founding year, they have been offering $250 million of startup capitalization. Some of its notable portfolio companies include Cooklist, FindMine, Accel Robotics, Topl, Recurate and many more.

They also conduct a week-long program for their portfolio companies sharing mentorships, seed funding, extensive networking opportunities, easy access to resources and groups of professionals, and providing support services. Their mentors have a combined of 1,000 years of experience in the retail industry.


Aristos Ventures is a micro-investment fund provider and private equity firm interested in investing in early-stage companies in Dallas and across the US. The VCs firm also considers pre-seed investments opportunistically and late-stage investments with other investors.

They seek to invest in Tech companies engaged in areas such as Cloud, Information services, Mobile Technology, SaaS, Security, and Web Services. Typically, their investment in their portfolio companies ranges from $200,000 to $1M. Some of its notable portfolio companies include iMemories, Netsocket, Nimbix, Traxo, Theatro, etc.

Aristos Ventures team is seeking to create a group of diversified portfolio companies and each can achieve an exit of $5 million to $20 million-plus.

Green Park & Gold Ventures

Green Park & Golf Ventures is a focused family office venture capital investment and private equity company. The VC firm prefers to make investments in companies located across the United States. Particularly, they invest in tech and life sciences companies that are engaged in sectors like AdTech, Biopharma, Diagnostics, HealthTech and Medical Devices.

They specialize in early-stage both angel and venture capital. Aside from the funds that they provide, they also offer strategic solutions, financial backing and an extensive network of investors and executives. Some of their notable investments include Atreca, MicroTransponder, Mission Bio, Ortho Kinematics, Savara Pharmaceuticals, Retrotrope, Validic and others. Generally, their investment in their portfolio companies ranges from $0.1M-$1M.

Perot Jain

Perot Jain is a micro venture capital and private equity firm focusing on seed & early-stage investment. Generally, they offer investments to companies located in territories such as the US. They prefer to invest in tech startups, B2B, business services, mobility, and healthcare sectors particularly those operating in sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics Machine Learning and Robotics.

For more than 20 years in the field, they have been committed to providing timely capital, resources and networks of professionals while taking an active role in creating transformative companies in the US. Some of the portfolio companies they have invested in include Abundant Robotics, Booster, Planetary Power, VizSense and many more. Usually, their investment offer ranges from $100K to $400K.

Bluescape Energy Partners LLP

Bluescape Energy Partners LLP is an alternative investment fund and private equity firm that specializes in Private Capital, Global networks. and Health, Safety, And Environmental (HS&E)

It was founded in 2007 with a goal to be a superior VC firm delivering unique long-term investment funds to emerging companies. They usually invest in companies operating within the energy, infrastructure and real assets including the oil, gas and power sectors.

Bluescape Energy Partners LLP has 150 years of experience in the field of venture capital, offering capital, extensive networks and deep industry knowledge. They are also partnered with more than 50 diverse and results-driven management teams, consistently creating and scaling promising businesses.

Delta V

Delta-v Capital is recognized as a new kind of private technology investment and private equity firm that is highly focused on providing secondary liquidity to exceptional founders, individual entrepreneurs, management teams, and investors. Generally, although secondary liquidity is a novel concept it has become more widely accepted throughout the technology sectors due to the continuous long exits of companies.

Throughout time,  the VC firm has managed to expand its scope to primary growth capital. They are interested in providing growth capital and secondary liquidity solutions in the cloud and communications infrastructure, big data and analytics, DevOps, enterprise, information services, internet and digital media, security, and technology-enabled service sector. Since its founding year, Delta-v managed to offer over $500 million in capital commitments and targets between $3 and $30 million investments in technology sectors and other areas.


Kitano Capital is a venture capital and private equity firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They are interested in early and later-stage investment and other investment management services. Generally, they manage $249.8 million of regulatory assets for their five client accounts, all of which are managed in discretionary accounts.

Kitano Capital offers portfolio management for individual entrepreneurs and startup businesses. On top of capital and advisory services, the VC firm doesn't engage in other business operations.

Mobility Ventures

Mobility Ventures is a venture capital and private equity firm that is composed of a new generation of venture investors. The VC firm focuses on early-stage, cutting-edge companies that improve the mobility sectors and promote a mobile lifestyle to communities. Apart from the automobile sectors, they also invest across the wireless ecosystem in the commerce,  health, media, mobile commerce, mobile marketing, software, technology, service, and other location-based service sectors.

It was founded in 2004, with a goal to make a big difference in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by helping entrepreneurs and founders build enduring and significant institutions and companies.

They partner with breakthrough ventures that have the potential to create new market opportunities, and other professional partners that can provide both investment capital and critical strategic management to support their portfolio companies.

Sevin Rosen Funds

Sevin Rosen Funds (SRF) is a Texas-based venture capital and private equity firm recognized as one of the pioneers in the personal computing revolution in the 1980s. They prefer to offer venture investing in Dallas and other areas in Texas. It was established in 1981 by L. J. Sevin and Ben Rosen who were one of the leading investors on the US West Coast.

Sevin Rosen Funds focuses its investment in startup companies around Dallas, Austin, Palo Alto, and London. Their team has been offering capital, resources and easy access to networks of professionals and investors for more than 28 years. Some of their notable portfolio companies include ArQule, Ciena, Citrix, Compaq, Cypress, Cytokinetics, Electronic Arts, Lotus, and SGI.

Dallas Venture Capital

Dallas Venture Capital (DVC) is an early-stage venture based in Dallas, Texas but also operating from the USA and India, aiming to bridge the gap between the two large global markets. They are interested in funding promising companies operating in technology sectors. Particularly, they invest in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data,  B2B Software, Cloud, Mobile Technology, ML, Internet of Things, XR and other emerging technologies operated by enterprise-focused founders.

In addition to providing investments and financing needs, the VC company also focus on guiding businesses with their development plans, launching their products and services, and providing them technology strategy. Their portfolio companies can access these all through the ‘DVC Advantage’ which delivers successful exits.

Dallas Ventures Partners

Dallas Venture Partners operates as venture capital and private equity firm. The VC company prefers to invest in software, capital-efficient clean technology, network technology, mobile applications, web-enabled services, and gaming technology sectors. But just last year, they announced to the public that they will focus more on investing about US$ 2 million to 10 million to early-stage and growth-stage emerging companies with cloud infrastructure, AI/ML, healthcare IT, scalable mobile applications, SaaS, and other emerging technologies sectors.

Before they announced their new verticals, their pre-existing version has successfully invested in twenty-one startups with multiple significant exits and with a combined portfolio enterprise value of more than US$ 1 Billion.

Dallas Venture Partners (“DVP”) is founded to become one of the best financial partners of technology-focused entrepreneurs and founders seeking to establish a world-changing business.

Cypress Growth Capital

Cypress Growth Capital is the leading and largest royalty-based growth capital firm in Dallas, TX. The VC firm specializes in Debt, Early Stage Venture, and Seed stage offering committed capital of $80,000,000 to companies in the region and across the United States. In addition to capital, they also provide an innovative source of investment for promising and exceptional companies.

They invest around $1 million to $5 million in software and technology-enabled services and information technology companies primarily located in the Southwest with annual revenues between $3M and $20M.

Silver Creek Ventures

Silver Creek Ventures is a micro-investment and private equity firm providing capital, resources and guidance to exceptional founders, entrepreneurs and management teams that are building market-leading technology companies. They usually offer an investment pace of $2 to $7 million per portfolio company. Particularly, they seek to invest in early-stage companies operating in the technology sectors.

Since their founding year, they have been providing capital, resources and mentoring to their portfolio companies. Currently, there are more than 80 companies in the Silver Creek Ventures Corp. corporate family.

Satori Capital

Satori Capital is an investment fund and private equity firm based in Dallas, Texas. The VC firm is interested in investing in companies operating within the business services, consumer products, e-commerce, financial services, information technology, manufacturing, specialty manufacturing software and telecommunications sectors.

They are established in 2008 with a goal to backup private companies aligned to their verticals and help them reach their full potentials in the market. Their company seeks to partner with promising companies with $5 million to $25 million of EBITDA that aim to achieve long-term goals with high commitment to their business mission or purpose and create great value for all stakeholders.

Plutos21 Capital

Plutus21 Capital is a multistrategy investment and private equity firm primarily focused on blockchain infrastructure investments and alternative assets such as crypto, venture capital, and real estate. They firmly believe that they can maximize their returns even the risk-adjusted ones by analyzing adoption and targetting market inefficiencies.

Evolve Capital

Evolve Capital is a venture capital and private equity firm bases in Dallas, TX. The VC firm is interested exclusively in leveraged recapitalizations of emerging companies. They seek to invest in exceptional startups and companies operating in the light manufacturing and assembly, healthcare services, industrial services, and life sciences sectors.

Through their maintained equity stake, they can provide founders with liquidity upfront and also upon exit. In addition to the capital, they also provide professional business management and an extensive network of entrepreneurs and investors, which help in maximizing shareholder value and attracting more potential clients.

Evolve Capital's target investments should have $2.0 to $5.0 million of EBITDA and a track record of growth.


Clearview Investments, Ltd. is a real estate private equity and venture capital firm interested in value-add and opportunistic commercial real estate. They specialize in Commercial Real Estate,  Industrial Properties, Office Properties, Private Equity, Retail Properties, Securities, and Venture Capital. With more than 45 years in the field, they have acquired more than $2.5 billion in assets and over 22 million square feet of retail, office, industrial, and multifamily properties and more than 157,000 acres of land across North America and Europe.

Final Thoughts

Getting a venture capital partner for your businesses is indeed a good catch. These venture capital firms can help you turn your smart business insights and game-changing products and services into reality. They can offer you financial support, resources, business strategies and a huge network of professionals that can help you launch your business and market your products.

If you are still looking for the right venture capital for your business, then might as well consider some of our compiles venture capitals in Dallas, TX. These VC will surely turn your business into global market leaders.

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