Write for us on startup, VC, accelerator & capital raising

Write for us on startup, VC, accelerator & capital raising

** Guest post requirement overview:**

Why write startup growth & capital-raising topics for us?

Are you looking for blogs to publish your articles on startup growth, venture capital, accelerator & capital raising topics? Take a look at Paperstreet Blog!

We offer FREE guest posting

Why contribute to our blog?

  1. Our audience is mostly startup founders
  2. High Domain Authority (a Moz metric): Our DA is currently 26 (and growing fast)! Your guest post would not only high-quality backlinks but also much easier to rank well on Google
  3. We can  give permanent do-follow backlinks (max. 2) for FREE

Guest post NO.1 requirement: Epic Content (2000+words/post)

If you’re here ONLY for our juicy backlinks, we’re probably not a good fit because we’re also looking for high-quality articles with real insights. Currently, we’re laser focusing on evergreen content, which means we’re ONLY looking for “Epic Content“.

What is “Epic Content“? Simply put, epic content is insanely useful, inspiring, beautifully written, and highly engaging. For example, if you’re writing about <How to write an investor update?>, epic content will explain what elements a typical investor update should have, include examples and investor update templates, attach images, sometimes even recommend investor update softwares.

Paperstreet’s Guest Posting Guideline

We want to rank your article at the top 5 of the 1st page of SERP, not just to give you backlinks. To achieve that, you should provide valuable insights for startup founders. Here are some requirements:

  1. Minimal word count: 2000 or more words/article.
  2. Type of Content: In-depth articles and evergreen “Epic Content”.;
  3. Target audience: Our readers are startup founders and CFOs.
  4. Intention: To educate startup founders and provide in-depth answers, best practices, market analysis, etc. We will ask for revisions if there are fluffs.
  5. Style/Tone: Conversational, as if talking to the reader 1-on-1, keep in mind that you’re trying to provide an easy-to-understand answer to the audience.
  6. Original and Exclusive: Your article has not been published on other websites

We reserve the right to ask for revisions and make changes to the submitted content (including the title and content) as and when needed.

* By submitting your guest post inquiry, you’re agreeing to our requirements above, our terms and conditions.

What guest post topics we are looking for?

The topics should be in the niche of startup growth hacks, venture capital, accelerator & capital raising. More specifically, they also should be startup-facing topics.

Type 1: Startup accelerators in XX US Cities

Type 2: Venture capital firms in XX US Cities

Type 3: Investor relation management

Type4: Startup + COVID-19

How to pitch us your topics?

Please send your topics suggestions to content(at)paperstreet.vc

We'll get back you as soon as possible.

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