Top 20 Venture Capital Firms in New York

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Top 20 Venture Capital Firms in New York

One of the crucial factors that you need to consider in starting a business or even maintain its operation is none other than the financials. Money is the lifeblood of every business, that's why you need to generate more money to keep it standing. Although the revenue that you gain from your profit can be reinvested to upgrade your business, attracting more customers and getting more profits, it is still not enough. Time will come when you will be needing a large buck of money for your business needs and operations, that's why you need to get a reliable investment partner from the best capital providers to keep it going.

New York City is one of the top cities that has a huge number of entrepreneurs and businesses. Fortunately, many venture capitals were also founded and became major supporters of these companies, contributing to the city’s economic growth.

Top 20 Venture Capital Firms in New York

A large number of venture capital firms in New York City have been contributing to the city's entrepreneurship and market growth. With these top VC firms, many startups are gradually scaling their businesses transforming them into global market leaders in their niche. If you are in need of capitalists to help your business get enough funds to expand your company’s potential in the market and to create new opportunities, then might as well check out these top VC firms in New York City, they will surely help you reach that goal.

Greycroft Partners

Greycroft Partners is one of the leading venture capital and private equity firms based in New York City and has offices in Los Angeles. The main focus of their investment interest is the internet and mobile sectors. Currently, the company is currently funding clusters of companies in cloud computing, consumer Internet, eCommerce, enterprise software,  advertising technology and financial technology markets.

With Greycroft's huge network of media and technology industry connections, they were able to bring their company portfolio's products to market successfully and turn them into transformational market leaders. In fact, they also managed to offer over 150 investments since inception in top companies such as Acorns, App Annie, Boxed, Braintree, Buddy Media, Everything But The House, Extreme Reach, Huffington Post, Icertis, JW Player, Maker Studios, Plated, Scopely, Shipt, and many more.

FirstMark Capital

FirstMark is a venture capital and private equity firm founded in 2008  in New York City. The VC firm specializes in early-stage investment and late-stage investment. 90% of its early-stage investments are allocated to Seed and Series A cash injections. The area focus of FirstMark includes Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, healthcare, enterprise applications, education, financial technology, e-commerce, direct-to-consumer, and marketing technology. With their long years in the field, many notable portfolio firms became more successful in their niche, some of them include  Airbnb, StubHub, Pinterest, Shopify, Riot Games, InVision, and many more. FirstMark's main goal is to connect with revolutionary founders bringing game-changing products and services.

Union Square Ventures

Union Square Ventures is a venture capital and private equity firm based in New York. They are interested in investing in early-stage, late-stage, and growth-capital startups and companies based in Berlin, London, New York, San Francisco, and other neighbouring areas.  Particularly, the VC firm seeks to invest in the internet world, applications web layer, internet and web-related products and services as well as in the mobile sector.

Union Square Ventures has been considered as one of the leading VCs all over the globe for reaping almost 14 times of what it has invested in the tech-enabled companies.

Tribeca Venture Partners

Tribeca Venture Partners (TVP) is a multi-stage venture capital and private equity firm that seeks to invest in early-stage startups working within ad tech, digital media, e-commerce, education, financial, fintech, software, medical mobile apps sectors. Most of their company portfolio lists are based in New York Metro because it has the fastest-growing markets when it comes to technology innovation.

Their team believes that for the next coming years, every side of the industry will be transformed by technology, and so they are passionate about supporting every entrepreneur with brilliant ideas. They partner with world-class founders in New York City to scale up developing technologies and transform businesses into top market leaders.


AlleyCorp is an early-stage venture capital and incubator firm that seeks to partner with brilliant and passionate entrepreneurs within their target sectors. They fund and establish startup companies operating within  the healthcare services and software sectors. The company mostly prefers to invest in various transformative startups and companies within New York City. They offer pre-seed and seed rounds and make select series A investments.

Usually, they provide financial support in the initial 6 to 12 months, help the company launch, and continue its leadership support through the entire company's operation. Some notable companies that have been founded are Business Insider, CoEdition,  Gilt Groupe, MongoDB, Nomad Health, Workframe, and Zola.

ff Venture Capital

ff Venture Capital is one of the leading seed-stage venture capital firms in New York City. Since its founding year in 1999, they have been providing early-stage to late-stage and seed-stage investment to exceptional founders and entrepreneurs in New York, operating within the areas of Artificial intelligence, cloud software, crowdfunding, cybersecurity, machine learning, drones, and other tech-enabled companies.

The company's strategy is what makes them the institutional-quality investor when it comes to Seed/Series space.  They help entrepreneurs identify their strengths and potential, and helping startups to  be the most disruptive leader in their industry. Some of their most successful exits are Cornerstone OnDemand, Quigo Technologies and many more. ff VC actively collaborates with the greatest founders in the industry to produce revolutionary products and services, and reach their full growth.

Lux Capital

Lux Capital is a venture  fund and private equity firm that focuses on investing in emerging early-stage science and technology, energy, healthcare, and other tech-enabled companies. In particular, they seek to invest in companies operating under the areas of artificial intelligence & machine learning, computational imaging & recognition, connected hardware, 3D printing, flying robots & surgical robots, internet of things (IoT), synthetic biology & genomics, satellites & space, drones, smart home, and virtual reality sectors.

Since it was founded in 2002, they have been investing in more than 100 companies from scratch. Lux's investment approach always ensures that their portfolio companies stay connected to the team, guiding them to reach their full potentials and eventually transforming them into great industry leaders better than their competitors.

Entrepia Ventures

Entrepia Ventures, Inc. is a global venture capital firm that invests in early to late-stage technology-based private and public companies. The Company invests in information technologies, energy management, and infrastructure industries with a great focus on Biotechnology, Business and consumer products, Computer hardware, Financial Services, Healthcare, IT services, Industrial and energy products, Media and entertainment, Medical Equipment, Networking, Retailing and distribution, Semiconductors, Software and Telecommunications sectors.

Entrepia VC leverages partnerships with great founders, entrepreneurs, specialists and expertise worldwide, helping their portfolio companies aim their ultimate goal, get the best distribution arrangements, joint ventures and access an extensive network of successful Japanese companies.

Scouts Ventures

Scout Ventures is a venture capital and private equity firm interested in investing in standout frontier technologies, intelligence community & National Labs. and the veterans of the military. They engage and collaborate with exceptional founders that create and develop world-changing technologies. It is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Austin, Boston, D.C. and Washington funding startups and companies within the areas.

For them, capital is not the only necessary thing that every great company should get but also the strategic support that scales up businesses in their niches. They are also interested in funding entrepreneurs who are starting from scratch and beginning at the seed stage. Scout Ventures is also helping its portfolio companies adapt to the changing markets and produce products that can contribute to the fast-pacing industry.

Thrive Capital

Thrive Capital is a venture fund and private equity firm that seeks to invest in internet, software and other tech-enabled startups and emerging companies. The VC firm also incubates some of its portfolio companies, which include the health insurance company Oscar and real estate technology company Cadre.

Since its founding, they have managed to invest in many successful software and technology companies. In fact, Thrive was among the leading firms, together with Sequoia Capital and Greylock Partners, to fund Instagram's $50 million Series B round at a valuation of $500 million.

RTP Ventures

RTP Ventures is an early-stage venture capital and the North American subsidiary of RTP Global actively investing in companies across North America. The VC firm focuses on B2B software companies creating and developing game-changing solutions to address problems in the areas of financial services and healthcare sectors. They seek to invest in companies operating within the data analytics, e-commerce, IT automation, SaaS and security service sectors with a high focus on targeting banking, healthcare, and manufacturing. Some of their notable portfolio companies are RingCentral, Koding, Datadog and many more. RTP Ventures is not only providing financial support but also offer long-term business partnerships, securing their portfolio companies for massive growth.

IA Ventures

IA Ventures is a venture capital firm interested in investing in seed-stage and early-stage companies operating within the fintech sector. Particularly, the VC firm seeks to invest in big data, e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, information technology, media, software, and other software business services sectors. Other areas they are interested to invest in are  the commercial banks, insurance, and retail services sectors.

From the very start, IA Ventures has been supporting anything that falls under big data. In terms of data storage and management, they highly believe that it’s more than just the technologies. Thus, IA Ventures has managed to fund more than 100 startups and companies worldwide, since its founding in 2010. Some of which include Datadog, DataRobot, DigitalOcean, Flatiron Health, Komodo Health, Recorded Future, The Trade Desk, and TransferWise.

Cross Atlantic Partners, Inc.

Cross Atlantic Partners (CAP) is one of the leading private equity and venture capital firms offering investment to emerging private and public companies in healthcare. drug discovery, and life sciences sectors across the United States. They prefer early-stage, late-stage, growth capital and PIPE investment to support businesses creating and developing world-changing tools and devices, drug discovery tools, and other human healthcare services.

Currently, The XACP portfolio includes a wide variety of emerging companies focusing on Enterprise Software, Financial Services, IT Services, Telecommunications,  SaaS, and other innovative technologies.

Red Swan

Red Swan is a venture capital and private equity that invests in customer-centered, culture-generating and disruptive founders and startups in New York. The VC firm prefers to fund those companies creating solutions and developing devices, tools, software and services under artificial intelligence (AI), information technology, consumer service and sectors.

Red Swan is interpreted as the opposite of Black Swan, wherein only great opportunities are made and help many aspiring startups reach success in their field. They support entrepreneurs who put smiles on their customers' faces, provide opportunities to their employees, and create solutions to address adverse problems in their target sectors.

Zelkova Ventures

Zelkova Ventures is an investment and private equity company in New York, investing in early-stage startups and growth companies, mostly pre-revenue. They are interested in a wide array of sectors which include Internet Technologies, Green-tech space,  SaaS, Software Services, Environmental Technologies and Consumer Products.

Zelkova Ventures team is passionate about helping their portfolio companies achieve their fullest potentials and full growth in their niches. Aside from their funds, the Zelkova team shares their expertise, ideas and even the final execution of their strategies to all of their portfolio companies. They do not only rule but rather engage and team up with their partners, and founders of their portfolio companies to hit the summit of success.


BDMI is a New York-based corporate venture investor and private equity firm seeking to invest in digital media technologies, products, and distribution channels. They offer two investment funds: a seed fund and a traditional early-stage fund. For the seed fund, they prefer investing in products and services that exist in the marketplace with some initial data points that create early signs of product-market fit. Whereas, in the early-stage investment they are interested in offering Series A and Series B rounds with an initial investment of $500 thousand to $4 million.

Along with their capital, they bring skills, expertise, experience and real opportunities to growing companies. They also give their portfolio companies the grant to access the collection of diverse businesses within Bertelsmann and the broader network of media industry connections.

Bowery Capital

Bowery is a capital investment and private equity firm funding entrepreneurs and founders bringing innovations and transforming in the seed stage and early-stage startups and businesses into technology-enabled ones. They guide every startup to build their brands, set their goals, lift their edge and adapt to the fast-pacing market. Bowery aims to improve startups' marketing strategies, sales, analytics and infrastructure approach so they can be one of the greatest B2B market leaders in their niche.

Bowery capital believes that the major factor to get fruitful success is to monitor revenue and customer growth, and as such provides various products and services that can build strong branding to speed the growth of their businesses.

Contour Venture Partners

Contour Venture Partners is a seed-stage venture capital and private equity firm that seeks to invest in information technology and innovative software, particularly those companies and startups in the northeastern part of the United States that provide game-changing tech-enhanced products and services in the enterprise SaaS, vertical B2B SaaS and financial services sectors.

For them, the crucial factor to achieving long-term goals, enriched opportunities and greatest milestone is the strong bond they build with their passionate management teams and reliable company partners.  Aside from that, the knowledge, expertise, experience, intuition, and vision they have are their main ingredients to build a strong foundation of success.

Genacast Ventures

Genacast Ventures is one of the leading early-stage and seed investment company that invests to B2B technology-based startups and growing companies that provides competitive products and solutions, improving the economic growth in the Northeast region. They invest up to $1 million in exceptional B2B startups that can bring world-changing solutions and innovations.

They have large networks of entrepreneurs, founders, specialists and partners that work together to accelerate the growth of their portfolio companies. Aside from that, they play an active board role by guiding their management teams to make validated product ideas turn into real opportunities.

Great Oaks Venture Capital

Great Oaks Venture Capital is a seed-stage investment firm seeking to find, fund and help early-stage growth businesses transform into promising market leaders. They are interested in funding companies producing revolutionary tech-enabled products and services. The majority of their portfolio companies are based in New York, NY and San Francisco, but they don't exclude by geography.

The typical investment size runs between $50K to $500K at pre-seed, Seed and Series A financings. Some of the successful investments they made are those in Acorns, Allbirds, Bolt, CourseHero, EquipmentShare, Fetch Rewards, Flatiron Health, Ibotta, Maven Health, Virta Health, Vise, Workrise and many more.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right venture capital for your business makes a big difference as it will be the one to help your startup company grow from scratch. New York City belongs to the cities where businesses and promising entrepreneurs are most evident, enough to support the line “the city that never sleeps”. For that reason, many investors are also existing, helping every company in the city to grow beyond their limits so if you are in need of a capitalist, you will never go wrong with venture capitals in New York as they will surely provide you with the best financial support you and your business need.

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