Top Venture Capital Firms in Phoenix, AZ

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Phoenix, AZ

When establishing a new enterprise, you have to consider many important factors to make your business reach its verge of success. Building does not stop with setting the mission, vision and goals of your company and to building a good brand as it requires huge effort. You must equipped with enough experience and knowledge; and most importantly you must have enough fund to operate the business in the long run. Many smart business ideas remained abstract due to lack of funds, so as an entrepreneur you should know how to finance your business to keep it going. We all know that capital acts as the bloodline of your business, and so it should be on top of your priority as a business owner.

Apart from the experiences, expertise, and smart business approach and concepts, proper handling of funds and having enough financial support also contribute your company’s success. Thus, having a reliable venture capital partner is a major plus. Majority of these VC do not only provide capital but also help your business scale in the best way possible.

In today’s article, we will discuss the top 20 venture capital firms based in Phoenix, Arizona that can transform your startups from small business into high-growing business in your niche.

Top 12 Venture Capital Firms in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona is known for having a huge number of growing companies across different sectors. One of the main reason behind this success are the capitalists and investors who are readily available to back up these companies, not only in the financial matter, but also in marketing/sales, management and other business operations.

Arris Ventures

Arris Venture is a venture capital firm and private equity based in Phoenix that is highly interested in backing up the local and international post incubator stage companies in various sectors. Particularly, they prioritize those businessess operating within the augmented reality, big data, blockchain, biotechnology, computer hardware, clean energy, healthcare, industrial and energy products, internet of things (IoT), life science, media and entertainment, robotics, telecommunications and virtual reality sectors.

They are interested in funding both private and public company with Seed, 1st Round, 2nd Round, 3rd Round, 4th Round and late investment stage, Pre-IPO, Mezzanine, and Buyout/acquisition. Aside from the funds they provide, they are also helping their portfolio companies in scaling their business through their advisory and management assistance.

Gawk Capital Partners

Grayhawk Capital Partners is a venture capital and private equity providing financial assistance to promising early and growth stage companies. Particularly, they seek to invest in the areas of business intelligence, cloud, enterprise and application software, healthcare and information technology, financial services, mobile computing, and security sectors.

Currently, the VC firm is investing an $80 million fund to high-growth companies in diverse sectors. The majority of their portfolio companies are operating within mobile computing, cloud/SaaS, security, enterprise & application software, business intelligence, healthcare IT, and financial sectors. With a collective 80+ years of experience in the venture capital field, they have managed to handle 10 separate venture funds, having a total of more than $525 million.

Phoenix Ventures Partners (PHX)

Phoenix Venture Partners or PHX is an investment fund and private equity firm focusing on early-stage companies across the Southwestern United States, primarily in Arizona. They specialize in early-stage investment, but they don’t invest in pre-revenue companies and rarely do lead rounds. Typically, their investments ranges around $50,000 to $500,000 as part of larger. Preferably, they seek to invest in startups and growing companies operating within the software and information technology  sectors that brings advancements and innovations.

What makes the company successful is the combines expertise and experiences of their  extensive network of seasoned entreprenuers and market leaders. Since it was founded, it has actively investing and supporting great founders and entrepreneurs in their chosen areas. Currently, they are looking for new companies to invest in.

Balck Dog Ventures

Black Dog Venture Partners is an investment fund.  private equity firm and business accelerator backing up fast-growing companies with enough funding. The VC firm specializes in Business Development, Angel investing, Capital Consulting, Equity Crowd Funding, Venture Marketing, and Publicity.

Black Dog’s team has a long history of success in a wide variety of areas, including entertainment, sports, technology and finance industries. Generally, their team is composes of a wide network of more than 10,000 investors and 40,000 business partners. They are not only providing finance but also sales/marketing ideas and executive coaching services for their portfolio companies.


MRTNZ Ventures is an American venture capital and private equity company founded in Phoenix, AZ by Mario Martinez. The VC firm is interested in investing to growing early-stage and seed-stage diverse companies. They have specializations in Business Development, Accounting & Financial Services, Management Consulting, and Private Equity.

Since it was established, their team has been providing investment services to many emerging companies, helping them scale their businesses and be one of the market leaders in their niche.

EFW Partners

EFW Partners is one of the leading global venture capital and private equity in Phoenix helping businesses to improve the basic resources critical for economic growth. They seek to invest in companies operating in the areas of energy, food and water.  They carefully handle their capital on behalf of some of the leading family offices, foundations and institutions across the globe.

EFW Partners always ensure that they are not only providing capital to their portfolio companies but most importantly offer a long-term success to them. They are best in formulating and enriching proprietary viewpoints and insights on major themes in the energy and other clean energy resources' markets.

Their capital and knowledge in the energy sector is also complimented with their valuable research that synthesizes macroeconomic analysis with much focused on individual projects, companies and market segments.

Social Leverage

Social Leverage is a venture capital firm and private equity providing capital to emerging seed-stage companies and promising entrepreneurs. Particularly, they put their interest more in promising companies working within the Consumer, Fintech and Software industries.

Since its inception, they have been discovering and partnering with great entrepreneurs and exceptional business founders that help in bringing innovation and advancements in the global market. They ensure that they are giving the best entrepreneurial experiences, marketing ideas and connection to their portfolio companies. So far, Social Leverage has invested in more than 100 early-stage web businesses and have acted as founders and executives of many companies.

Point Financial Inc.

Point Financial, Inc. (PFI) is one of the industry leader when it comes to venture capital lending flield. The VC firm has been offering efficient and flexible entrepreneurial growth capital and financing solutions for high-growth companies through debt and equity products. They are currently and actively engaged within agtech, cleantech, energy, gig economy, life science, healthcare service and technology industries.

For more than thirty years in the investment field, Point Financial, Inc. has been continuously providing growth capital finances to emerging companies and managed to lease financing, investment banking, venture equity and venture debt investments, gaining a total of more than $275,000,000 in capital.

Coplex Ventures

Coplex is a startup venture capital studio that is interested in health industry. Their main goal is to build a healthier world through entrepreneurial approach and by providing funds to emerging companies that operate within healthcare areas. They are not only offering funds but they also provide management and business coaching to transform their portfolio companies into world-class enterepreneuril market leaders in the health sector.

They diligently and collaboratively work with promising and exceptional founders, corporates and investors to establish new high-impact businesses that can bring sophistication and innovation the market.

McKellar & Co.

McKellar & Co. is a venture capital and private equity firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. The VC firm primarily focused in investing to growing businesses in diverse industry. Aside from the funds, they are also providing business marketing, investment strategy, equity and debt financing, merger and acquisition, brokerage and real estate consulting services.

The Arizona Founders Fund

Arizona Founders Fund is a venture capital and private equity firm established in 2006 with a main goal to bridge the gap between high growing companies and startups. They seek to help all of technology founders and entrepeneurs in Arizona reach their full potentials in the market by providing seed-stage funding, mentorship, operational experties and extensive networks of investors and executives. Particularly, they are interested in backing up great tech-enabled companies that develop and produce new innovations for the next generation.

Since the Arizona Founders Fund was established, they are actively helping their community’s pioneers to build successful and exceptional enterprises.

Cave Creek Capital

Cave Creek Capital Management is an investment and a private equity firm founded in 2004 in Phoenix, Arizona. The VC firm specializes in equity, mezzanine or debt. investment,

They seek to invest in emerging companies to gain rapid growth in the industy and to create economic and fairly competitive markets. Specifically, they are interested in funding companies operating within the business services, consumer, energy financial services, healthcare services, media services, specialty retail and distribution, and specialty manufacturing sectors.  Within business services sector, Cave Creek Capital firm invests in outsourced business process involving administrative, education, human resources, information technology, integrated waste management, janitorial and cleaning, sales and marketing, payroll, and value-added distribution.

Final Thoughts

Since the Arizona state's formation, the number of world-class tech companies established across the state is rapidly but consistently growing. In fact, many leading companies are rooted to Arizona. However, many startup companies are still not being prioritized by their local capital resources, leaving them at the botton. For that reason, many venture capitalist firms were established through time to support these early-stage companies and continuously improve their industry.

Starting and scaling a business requires a huge effort and responsibilities. Aside from that, entrepreneurs and founders also need a support system from other founders and market leaders. Thus, a venture capital partner is indeed crucial to building globally competitive companies. Luckily, there are some VC in Phoenix that are always ready to back up startups in the region.

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