Top Venture Capital Firms in Philadelphia, PA

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Philadelphia, PA

When running a business, aside from the business plan and strategies, founders must also have enough capital to have a stable operation. Establishing your own company may cost you a huge amount of money. From your business inception day throughout the business operation process, from creating your brands to launching your products and services, funds are necessary. But finances should not be the number one hindrance in building your company.  Many entrepreneurs were frightened to take the risk, but did you know that the most successful founders only started from scratch?

If financial support is your problem, then it’s time to get a reliable venture capital partner.  These venture capital firms offer a private equity financing program to help promising entrepreneurs and startups speed the growth of businesses. Since then many VC firms were helping founders all over the regions. The state has a growing number of VC firms, particularly in the city of Chicago, funding and helping the businesses around the area. So if you’re still on the search, you should consider checking out Chicago’s top venture capitals.

Top 18 Venture Capital Firms in Philadelphia, PA

Since then until now, the Philadelphia region is definitely been one of the nation's top regions when it comes to venture capital activity. So, if you are looking for the right venture capital provider, you will find a lot of reliable and promising VC in region. Below are some the of top 18 venture capital firm in Philadelhia, PA.

First Round Capital

First Round Capital is one of the leading venture capital and private equity firms in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They often act as the first institutional money source for startups but specializes in Series A round investment. The firm is interested in investing in both seed and early-stage technology-based companies across the United States, particularly those businesses operating within the enterprise, consumer, hardware, fintech, healthcare and other sectors across the United States. Aside from the capital that they offer, they are also offering several products and services to help companies expand their businesses, especially those who are starting from scratch.

Since it was established, it has been helping the community of technology entrepreneurs and founders build high-growth companies in the industry. Some of its well-known portfolio companies include Square, Uber and Warby Parker.

Chestnut Street Ventures

Chestnut Street Ventures is an investment fund and private equity firm that is primarily investing in the University of Pennsylvania particularly in alum-led companies and other companies connected with Penn. Although it supports companies related to the University of Pennsylvania, it is still operating as a stand-alone private profit, and not affiliated or part of the University. The VC firm prefers to invest in the insurance, software, fintech, robotics, and artificial intelligence sectors.

Chestnut Street Ventures is composed of a community of Penn alums involving entrepreneurs, founders, investors, executives,  and innovation enthusiasts. Most of their capital comes from the donations and investments of their alumni. They deeply believe that investing in entrepreneurial alums can scale many businesses and can create a better future for the next generation.

SRI Capital

SRI Capital is a global venture capital firm and private equity that highly focus on backing up promising startups primarily located in the US and India. But they also consider those companies that are not headquartered across the United States as long as they plan to enter the US market and bring innovations and developments on technology to the global enterprise market. Typically, their investment ranges between USD 500,000 and USD 3,000,000 with a minority interest.

They prefer early-stage companies working within the enterprise software, deep tech, consumer market and cross-border sectors, particularly those companies producing new technology with built-in scalability for rapid growth. Aside from the tech sector, they are also starting to fund medical/healthcare startups, especially using AI applications to improve diagnosis and outcomes that bring innovation in the healthcare industry.

Osage Ventures

Osage Venture Partners is one of the leading venture capital funds and private equity firms with specialization in early-stage, first institutional round investment and B2B software companies in the Eastern U.S. They partner with exceptional post-revenue  (B2B) software, data, and technology-enabled services companies with a typical revenue run rate of $500,000 to $3,000,000. and prefer to invest in the

Osage Venture Partners offers investments to promising entrepreneurs and founders with the potential to become market leaders, delivering expertise and game-changing solutions to emerging industry problems. And those with the potential to credibly scale their businesses to $20 million or $100 million of revenue or beyond.

Mission OG

Mission Operators Group or commonly known as MissionOG is an investment fund and private equity firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with offices in New York City, New York. They are providing funds and giving easy access to a broad network of industry experts to early and growth-stage B2B technology companies.

The VC firm seeks to back up $5 million to $10 million with significant follow-on capital to technology-based companies offering business-to-business (B2B) services for various industry sectors, such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) and financial payments, data platforms, financial services and software sectors. Since its inception, they are actively supporting entrepreneurs and founders, helping them turn their big business ideas into actual operations, and guiding them to reach their full potentials in their niche.

Rittenhouse Ventures

Rittenhouse Ventures is an investment fund and private equity firm investing in small rounds of capital-efficient emerging early to growth-stage companies with a great focus on the Healthcare and Pharma IT industry. Aside from that, their main vertical area also includes Technology-Enabled Services, Financial Services Information Technology and Outsourced Business Services. They usually back up early-stage information technology companies with small (generally $1 to $3 million) financing rounds.

Most of their portfolio companies are located in the Mid-Atlantic region and other cities in Pennsylvania. They partner with promising technology companies particularly in Healthcare Information Technology and Pharmaceutical IT companies creating compelling business opportunities.

Rittenhouse Ventures’ approach is equipped with a diverse and unique combination of investments, extensive experiences and expertise, and a proven long historical record of success. Plus, a dedicated and well-experienced team, optimizing capital and growth strategies for individual entrepreneurs and founders.

New Spring Capital

NewSpring Capital is a leading venture capital and private equity firm in Pennsylvania. They partner with individual entrepreneurs and promising founders with high-performing companies in different industries. NewSpring Capital manages over $2.0 billion of investment covering a diverse spectrum from growth equity and control buyouts to mezzanine debt. The firm seeks to provide growth equity, acquisition financing, recapitalization, control buyout and mezzanine investments in companies based in the United States.

The VC firm is primarily interested in funding growth equity, acquisition financing, recapitalization, control buyout and mezzanine investments in companies based in the United States. Since its founding year, they are backing up companies with later-stage investments to help them bring innovations and create compelling opportunities in the industry, and transforming these companies into revolutionary market leaders.


BioAdvance is a Pennsylvania-based investment fund and private equity interested in investing in life sciences startups and is a  venture capital firm. Particularly, they are funding Biotech R&D, healthcare IT, pharma and medical devices in the Mid-Atlantic region. They also back up emerging companies operating within the areas of therapeutics, devices, diagnostics and platform technologies focused on human healthcare.

The majority of their portfolio companies are actively working to produce life-changing products and devices that can treat health problems such as, but not limited to, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, obesity, GI disorders, neurological and respiratory diseases. BioAdvance has become one of the leading investors in the nation offering pre-seed and seed-stage investment since its inception.

Robinhood Ventures

Robin Hood Ventures is one of the leading and most active investor groups and private equity in the Philadelphia region. They help individual entrepreneurs and promising founders establish high-growth companies in their niche by providing capital, business mentoring, knowledge, expertise and connections to a large number of professionals. Generally, their investments are ranging from $250,000 to $1 million. Some of their investments include Burrow (E-Commerce + Lifestyle + Consumers), Lia Diagnostics (Medical Devices), Simply Good Jars (Food + Wellness), Proscia (Biotech/Pharma + Machine Learning) and Virion Therapeutics (Life Sciences).

Their team is composed of a well-driven and extensive network of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, executives, founders and other angels. Since their founding year, they have been investing in early-stage, high-growth startups, en route; and helping entrepreneurs reach their full potentials.

LLR Partners

LLR Partners is venture capital and private equity firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are providing financial support to lower-middle market growth companies. They back up several industries, with a great focus on technology, healthcare and services sectors. Since it was founded, they have managed to raise more than $5 billion across six funds, making thme the leading provider of capital for growth, recapitalization and buyouts.

The VC firm also offers seed-stage SaaS investments. Some of its notable investments include Edlio (CMS), MedBridge (Digital Health + Edtech), Midigator (Fraud and Risk Management) and Onapsis (Network Security).

Since it was founded in 1999, they have been collaborating with many portfolio companies and helping them achieve a high-impact growth initiative and long-term value.

Genacast Ventures

Genacast Ventures is a leading investment and private equity firm in Philadelpia investing in the most promising early-stage and seed-stage B2B technology companies in the Northeast United States. Particularly, the VC firm prefer backing up companies operating within the digital media, e-commerce, mobile, online advertising, software-as-a-service, security services sectors. Usually, they invest up to $1 million alone or up to $2 million as part of a larger round.

Generally, the VC firm was formed as a partnership between Comcast Interactive Capital and Gil Beyda. Their team is composed of technology entrepreneurs, founders and operators helping one another to formulate unique insight that can solve the challenges faced by the growing industry. Some of the portfolio companies they are investing in B2B companies are DrayNow (On Demand + Logistics + Transportation) and Staq (Marketing Tech + Media).

Dorm Room Fund

Dorm Room Fund is a national venture fund and private equity back up by First Round Capital in 2021. They are committed to supporting and guiding the strongest community of student entrepreneurs across the nation. Basically, their main interest is to invest on startups run by students.

Since it was established, they were able to raise a combined $300 million in venture capital from investors including  startups. With that, they have been considered as one of the most active seed-stage investors in the US. Some of its successful portfolio companies are Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Union Square Ventures and Y Combinator.

While its recent investments include Flo Recruit (HR+ Recruiting), PowerSpike (Marketing Tech), Infinite Uptime (Predictive Analytics), Karuna Health (Digital Health) and Young Alfred (Insurance Tech + Curated Marketplaces).

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania is a venture capital and private equity firm providing financial support to technology-based companies that deliver economic development programs. It is considered as a state-backed initiative specializing in a seed and early-stage investment providing capital to the techology sectors in the region. In addition to its extensive network of investment partners, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southerneastern Pennsylvania also receives back up from the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority.

The VC firm has been considered the leading seed-stage capital provider of technology sectors in the region for more than 30 years, offering over $170 million investment in more than 1,750 regional technology businesses.  The majority of these companies became industry leaders.

Comcast Ventures

Comcast Ventures is a returns-focused fund and stage agnostic corporate venture capital firm in Philadelhia, PA providing investments in several startups across the US. Typically, they prefer to invest in Tech & Offline companies engaged in sectors like AdTech, Mobile, SaaS, Online Retail, Networking and other growing companies across consumer, enterprise, and frontier technology sectors. Some of its successful portfolio companies include Houzz, Instacart, Jawbone KPCB, etc.

The VC firm partners with promising founders and indivual entrepreneurs who want to build transformative and high-growth companies; and helping many emerging tech companies throughout their growth stages.

Max Venture Capital Management

Matrix Venture Capital Management is a global venture investment management and private equity company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Aside from the capital, they also offer a comprehensive service platform for integrated seed and growth capital financial services to achieve a rapid global deployment of new technology in the industry. The VC firm can immediately access up to $100 million in private capital for any promising and game-changing products and services with an dditional capital offered for short lead time.

Since their founding year, they have been providing their portfolio companies with extensive entreprenurial experience and expertise that speed up the growth of these companies from different industries around the world. Matrix Venture Capital Management has a dedicated team that strives to help their partners scale their business and adapt to the possible changes in the market.

Quaker Partners

Quaker Partners is a venture capital and private equity firm that invests in stage agnostic startups primarily in the US. The VC firm is interested in investing in life sciences, healthcare and pharmaceuticals sectors with great focus on companies operating in the areas of Biopharma, Biotech, Healthcare services, Medical Devices and Technologies, and Therapeutics. Generally, they manage more than $700 million in committed capital.

Since its founding year, Quaker has managed to invest in dozens of revolutionary, high-impact healthcare companies and startups. Some of their notable portfolio companies include Biolex Therapeutics, Cempra, Horizon Pharma, Intact Vascular, Innovus Pharma, Rapid Micro Biosystems, Tengion,  etc.

Safeguard Scientifics

Safeguard Scientifics is an investment fund and private equty providing investment, mentoring and other relevant entrepreneurial expertise to increase the growth of any later stage technology-based companies operating in digital media, financial services and healthcare sectors.

Safeguard partners with emerging companies that are producing innovations and new enabling technologies which includes predictive analytics and machine learning to solve emerging issues in the industry, particularly on artificial intelligence, enhanced security and the Internet of Everything sectors.

Usually, Safeguard offers investement between $5 million and $25 million through the entire course of its partnership with their portfolio company. Initially, they are investing in a Series A or B Round and opportunistically invest in a Seed Round. Since it inception, Safeguard Scientifics has a promising track record of success in creating innovations and honing market leaders.

Susquehanna Growth Equity

Susquehanna Growth Equity is a venture capital and private equity company investing in growth-stage and late-stage technology startups and companies in North America, Israel, and Western Europe. In particular, they provide financial support to companies operating in the areas of enterprise software/SaaS, financial technology, healthcare technology, human resources technology, information services, internet, lending technology, security infrastructure, software and supply chain/logistics.

The VC firm specializes in early-stage venture, late-stage venture, and private equity. Usually, Susquehanna Growth Equity invests $5-$100+ million in companies with $5-$100+ million of revenue.

Final Thoughts

Due to the huge number of well-known universities and colleges in Philadelphia, many new ideas, study and insights are being created particularly in the entrepreneurial community. We cannot deny the fact that, the city is composed of mixed talents and professionals that are highly exposed to the business world, taking all the advantages to create many venture capitals and startups in the region.

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