Top Venture Capital Firms in San Antonio, TX

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Top Venture Capital Firms in San Antonio, TX

When establishing a business, you have to understand all the essential factors that help in maintaining and running its operation. Aside from the business strategies, entrepreneurial approaches and business management schemes, you have to prioritize your financial matter. Finance is what makes the business run, as it acts as the lifeblood of every business. If you want to provide all the necessary items to speed your company's growth, you have to handle your finance carefully to keep your business standing.

You may also use the revenue that you gain from your profit to expand your business, and getting more profits. However, it would be better to have backup money for your business needs and operations. In that case, you may apply to a reliable venture capital partner that can help your business grow significantly.

Top 10 Venture Capital Firms in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio holds the largest amount and value of venture capital investment offering financial assistance to diverse companies across the US. However, with a plethora of urban areas, San Antonio, TX is continuing to provide venture funding at a rapid pace.


Scaleworks is a venture capital and private equity firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, interested in backing up and supporting high-growth tech companies. Typically, they prefer to make investments across the United States. In particular, they are fond of investing in Tech companies with great emphasis in areas like  Cloud, SaaS, and Social. Some of their top investments include Assembla, Fetchr, Filestack, Mailgun,  Profitero, Qualaroo and many more.

It was founded in 2009 with an ultimate goal to help tech startups scale and grow their businesses in the fast-growing and competitive industry. They provide capital, mentoring and strategies to transform their portfolio companies into global market leaders. Scaleworks specializes in private equity firms, venture debt, B2B, Saas and Software.

Geekdom Fund

Geekdom Fund is a venture capital and private equity firm that seeks to invest in early-stage companies and startups in the United States. The VC firm specializes in seed, early-stage, and later-stage investments.

In particular, the Vc firm prefers to fund Tech companies related to sectors such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, enterprise applications, fashion-tech, food-tech, health-tech, machine learning, online retail, robotics, SaaS, software, etc. Some of its notable portfolio companies include Klever Logic, Chowbotics, FlashParking, Merge Labs Tenfold, Tenfold, ZenBusiness, and others.

Since its founding year, they always ensure that they give their best services to their portfolio companies, from funding, managing, pitch meetings, talents referrals, weekly calls to biannual deep dives or even grant writings.

Holt Ventures

HOLT Ventures is an investment fund and capital arm of HOLT CAT, the largest Caterpillar dealer in the United States based in San Antonio, Texas. The majority of their Investments are allotted in tech companies across the United States, particularly those companies engaging in sectors like Mobile Technology. Top investments include Ranger Health (now FetchMD), SmartPicture. Some of their top portfolio companies include Airware, ZAF Energy Systems, Interplay Learning and others

HOLT CAT has a long history of innovation in the industrial business field. The company is also working with Caterpillar Inc. to bring game-changing solutions. To expand more their business, they also established venture capital, which strives to continue the started legacy through investing in tech-enabled companies.

Active Capital

Active Capital is an investment fund and private equity firm that specializes in seed rounds for B2B SaaS companies outside of Silicon Valley. They are composed of  B2B SaaS founders and entrepreneurs that are striving to help today's promising entrepreneurs. The VC firm prefers early-stage venture and seed-stage investment since they are targetting those traction-stage SaaS companies starting from scratch.

Although they are based in Texas, they also back other companies across the United States. As long as the company is willing to take risks and enter the corporate world even with an ample amount of capital. They strongly believe that they can help every company to reach its full growth. Some of its top investments include Ilos, Cratejoy, Keen IO, Redbooth, DataRobot, Aceable, ZenBusiness and others.

Fraser McCombs Capital

Fraser McCombs Capital is a growth stage Venture capital firm providing investment capital including mentoring services to companies engaged in automotive across the US. The VC firm also seeks to invest in Tech-enabled industries operating in sectors such as AdTech and FinTech, Automobile and Enterprise Applications. Some of their notable portfolio companies include Dataium, Frontier Car Group, Kapost, Scout, UParts, Via, Vroom, and others.

Typically, Fraser McCombs Capital much prefers to invest in companies with technologies they think could substantially change the automotive industry and automotive technology sectors.

Texas Next

Texas Next is an investment fund and private equity firm based in San Antonio, Texas composed of leaders, founders, entrepreneurs and investors who are committed to creating the next world leaders in the corporate world. The VC firm has a long record of success in establishing profitable companies across the oil & gas, ranching, agriculture and real estate industries. Aside from that, they also focus on business and consumer products and services, healthcare, and technology companies. Texas Next typically invests around $2-5 million of equity in companies with an enterprise value up to $50 million.

Their ultimate business approach is to back up all Texas-based startup companies operating within their target verticals and collaborate with Texas founders and investors.


RealCo is a venture capital and private equity firm bases in San Antonio, TX. The VC firm is also a long-term startup accelerator, that seeks to invest in B2B tech companies. They prefer to partner and invest in companies that work in their verticals such as B2B and SaaS, and those companies with promising founders, dedicated and complete teams, have a large target market and have the potential to excel in their niche.

ATW Partners

ATW Partners is a hybrid venture capital and private equity firm that is highly interested in investing in promising real estate investment market companies at different stages. The VC firm is part of the Other Financial Investment Activities Industry.

ATW Partners team has a unique and well-structured investment strategy targeting high risk-adjusted returns. They prefer to invest in debt and private equity. Aside from that they also offer investment flexibility with well-shaped investment structure solutions to their portfolio companies.

They seek to both capture high growth and mitigate risk for our investors while offering investment flexibility to our portfolio companies through a hybrid strategy of venture investment and structured finance.

Key Takeaways

Getting the right venture capital for your company is a huge help for scaling up your business and be one of the top market leaders in San Antion, TX. Through these VC firms, you can even start your business from scratch. However, the number of startups and companies in San Antonio is greater than the number of venture capital. There are only a few of them in the city, but these VC firms have a long record of history in the field. Thus, it is also a good catch to apply to these investors particularly, if your business is located in the city.

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